What do we do?

Welcome to Pyramis Solutions, we bring control, clarity and confidence to your financial horizon,  helping you to make informed decisions and sleep better at night.

We help business owners and leaders understand their past, look at where they are in the present and design the future in numbers as well as words.

Why a beach?

The image is a great metaphor for what we aim to achieve…we help define the path ahead, give you a clear view of your financial horizon and if there are financial waves, you see them earlier enough to do something about them.


How can you get control, clarity and confidence in your numbers?

There are a number of ways Pyramis Solutions can help, based around what your needs are at this stage in your business.

Most popular services include:

Finance Health Check – Are you unsure of where you stand with your business numbers?  Do you know improvements are needed but have no idea how to start?  Or do you need to know what to focus on?

Our Health Check is designed to be a top level review diagnostic to outline the next steps for you and your business.

Working Sessions – Have you got a specific problem to solve?  Are you at a particular fork in the road and need some guidance?  Or just need a one off session to complete a task?

Our Working Sessions are designed to be just that, a session where we tackle a particular activity and achieve a specific objective.  For example, the set up of your cash flow forecast.

Ongoing Support – Are you looking for a trusted advisor to walk by your side and guide you on the business financials?  Do you want a future focused, proactive, financial review each month?  Or just a bit of reassurance when you need it, to be your financial translator?

Our Ongoing Services are the best way for us to delivery on our promise, helping you achieve consistent control, clarity and confidence with your numbers.


Other Services – Pyramis Solutions can also provide consultancy days, FD & NED roles, profiling and workshops.

Not sure what is right for you?  We offer a FREE Finance Sense Check to discuss what is going on right now and what might be the best next step.

You can book your 20 min session via the HubSpot booking system.


Contact Details

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Pyramis Solutions, Future Space, UWE North Gate, Filton Road, Bristol, BS34 8RB

Once we’ve made contact, we’ll ensure you have a parking permit for your visit.


There are a number of ways you can make contact;

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(t) 01173 182 245
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