Ongoing Support

At a Glance

Outline – Our Ongoing Services are the best way for us to delivery on our promise, helping you achieve consistent control, clarity and confidence with your numbers.
Your Elements – Initial scoping of service
Duration – Depends on service selected
Price – Ongoing support can be designed to fit the right level of support and work volume.  Standard packages include:

  • £   395* – Half day a month for a Financial Director
  • £   650* – Full day a month for a Financial Director
  • £   190* – Half day a month for a Financial Administrator
  • £   585* – Half day a month for both a Financial Director & Financial Administrator

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Packages are very bespoke and designed based on your requirements, using the variables ‘time involved’, ‘grade needed’ and ‘frequency of involvement’.  We are happy to discuss what is exactly right for you.

* Pyramis Solutions believes in setting the foundations as early as possible and therefore offers a discount to start ups in their first year of trading, please get in touch for more details.

Full Details

Our ongoing support is aimed at businesses that are looking for a consistent service, to complete some of the work for them and to build a relationship that gives you a trusted advisor for your business, walking by your side as you move forward.

The service allows a business to have priority access to support, and therefore can evolve and update as the business does.  What might be the tasks of the next 6 months, might not be those needed in 2 years.  We continue to use the ongoing contact as a way to keep evolving systems, processes, reports and our advice so the service is always ‘fit for purpose’.

Typical activities can include (but not limited to):

  • Keeping accurate records
  • Maintaining the accounts
  • Designing systems such as employee expenses & purchasing controls
  • Designing management information/reporting
  • Preparation of monthly reporting
  • Design of future focused systems like budgeting and forecasting
  • Business planning and funding/financing strategies
  • Costing & pricing review and development
  • Supporting your team members
  • Financial performance review
  • Implementation of new systems, controls and process including training

The Process

An ongoing service works well once there is an idea of what you would like to happen each period, to set this up, we would:

  • Have a discussion to scope out the requirements/service
  • Agree the package needed and a review point
  • Set up the service terms and payment
  • Agree a start date for service and billing

Who Is It For

This package is suitable for those:

  • Who are you struggling to find the time to input, prepare and review the numbers each month
  • Who would rather develop their business or work with their clients
  • That feel that the numbers are getting a little overwhelming in volume or complexity
  • Who feel like you work best when you can discuss the numbers with another
  • Who need another, more financially savvy, pair of eyes reviewing performance, cash and strategy each month, offering insight, warning signals and ideas for the future
  • Who now need a monthly review of your numbers, due to recently received investment and/or the implementation of management/ board meetings

What Next?

If you would like to discuss how we can support you in the longer term, please do contact us, we are happy to talk a little more about what’s involved.